Are you a shooting games lover? You’re on the right place to get one of the most downloaded shooting game for free. Download Special Forces Group 2 to get experienced by 3D Shooting in real time game with realistic controls.

It is a first-person action game that’s openly stimulated by the fabulous Counter-Strike 1.6.It has many more features that are:

  • Single player (with bots), Multiplayer Online.
  • With total 9 game modes (Classic, Capture the Flag, Resurrection, Zombie Mode, Bomb Mode, Knives, Sniper, Arms Race, Death Match)
  • All modes you can play as single player (bot player) or with multiplayer(online).
  • It includes 8 Characters per squad.
  • Now free skins in offline mode with the difficulty of bots from 1 to 5
  • Now available with 20 different skins.
  • It is available with huge number of weapons (9 Pistols, 12 Rifles, 3 Ak-47, 2 AWP, 3 AK-74, 3 P90, 2 M4MA, 2 UMP45, 2 Desert Eagle, 4 Shotguns, 6 Submachine Guns, 3 Machine Gun, 5 Sniper Rifles, 3 Grenades, 3 Bulletproof Vest)
  • It is available in 30 Interesting Maps.
  • Take your enemy into sight of your scope and then shoot him with realistic controls.
  • It is one of the best FPS games to be found on Android.
  • It is available in 10 different Languages (English,Francais, Deutsch,Русский,Espanol,日本人,中国,Türk, Português, Indonesia)

Special Forces Group 2 3.3

Additional Information:

Current Version:3.3

Application Size:29M

Required Mobile Version: 4.0 and above

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