Play free Clash of Kings for Android that is an immensely mobile multiplayer online strategy game. You can download this game by clicking the download button below.

Clash empires, competition militaries, shape your castle, wage war and defeat your opponent’s kings with real time epic game. Play with RPG, MMO fight against a large number of players worldwide.

Clash of Kings

Some of its features are:

  • Fight territories, use dragons to increase your skills and defeat an empire.
  • Collect your resources, build an empire and fight against kingdoms.
  • Develop your farms and sawmills to store your resources that will be helpful into creation of armies, homes, castles, and many more.
  • Upgrade your farms and sawmills to store more and more resources for your kingdom.
  • Manage your area’s resources to become one of the greatest commanding kings in the Clash of Kings territory.
  • Build your own army and rise up your defense by upgrading places and castle.
  • Upgrade your armies and dragons to fuel up your strength. Upgrade army barracks to survive to even more powerful attacks.
  • Battle against opposing empires and navigate our fantasy world.
  • Make great alliance with other empires and maintain them for your advantage.
  • Battle to defeat empires in 4 brand new civilizations.
  • Discover new civilizations of dragon-born, Huaxia, Yamato and Viking defeat all new empires.
  • Lead your dragons on a trip to get more gifts for your empire.

Other Information:

  1. Current Version: 3.48.0
  2. App Size: 99M
  3. Required Mobile Version: 2.3.3 and above.


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